The 2015 Mustang

A LOT sleeker than any previous design, a good looking solid design.

It couldn’t matter less

What you ask? The abuse, age, mileage, and wear our vehicles endure. We love to drive good, fun, buildable automobiles. …

The Spawn

Now you’ve seen where we started, and now you have a glance at where it is we are at. The …

The founding father

The E30 M3 was the first full fledged production BMW Motorsport modified car sold to the mass public. Ever since, …


RWD Skyline, nothing more to be said. #SKYLINE #R32GTST #RHD


Plasti-dipping is the new hottness. For those wanting to complete their “track” look, I believe there is no other (more …

Throwback #2

Tony’s Cressida when it was. My old beauty in the background. Memory makers.