The drive down south

During my move to Florida. ¬†One of the best memories of my life was my parents following my lady & …

Alpineweiss Warriors

Finally I had the oppurtunity to run into a local E34 M5 that I always see passing my home. We …

The Matte Life

Bart’s E60 M5, covered in a rugged coat of plasti-dip. Believe me when I say the thing takes damage.

The X-Wing.

First mods touching down in May. The wait cannot be explained.

DHMG TwelveAM runners

A couple nights ago, some buddies got together in their transportation machines. The orchestra of sound was fantastic, especially considering …

Autobahn Machine

One day, our crew will be Autobahn cruisin in our own cars. #overseas.

The Individual Man

A new friend of mine whom I met at Bimmerfest East 2011. We had quite the fun run back on …