N Y I A S 15

Since 2012, I’ve been going to NYIAS as a member of the press.  I started my own company since my …

Euro spec shark

A super clean E24 635i at the weekly Sunday morning meet.

Jungle Book

Austin Yellow really does look great in any situation!

The drive down south

During my move to Florida.  One of the best memories of my life was my parents following my lady & …

Race Prepped

A lovely pair comprised of an E92 M3 & E89 Z4 3.5.


Custom map, a summers drink, a nice drive home- a good day.

The Winter Return<<<

Forecasts called for 4-8″ of snow in my area this past Tuesday. We took full advantage.

The Spawn

Now you’ve seen where we started, and now you have a glance at where it is we are at. The …

The founding father

The E30 M3 was the first full fledged production BMW Motorsport modified car sold to the mass public. Ever since, …

Alpineweiss Warriors

Finally I had the oppurtunity to run into a local E34 M5 that I always see passing my home. We …


Plasti-dipping is the new hottness. For those wanting to complete their “track” look, I believe there is no other (more …

My pride, my joy, my sedan.

A custom shade of Blaze blue we’ve created here, just a bit darker nothing miraculous. New York was very welcoming …

The Matte Life

Bart’s E60 M5, covered in a rugged coat of plasti-dip. Believe me when I say the thing takes damage.