Plasti-dipping is the new hottness. For those wanting to complete their “track” look, I believe there is no other (more …

My pride, my joy, my sedan.

A custom shade of Blaze blue we’ve created here, just a bit darker nothing miraculous. New York was very welcoming …

Champagne Wishes

Yes, not as fast as a Turbo or GT2 or GT2RS. That’s fine, this is will always be my favorite …

.50 cal

One of the cleanest Caliber SRT-4s I’ve seen thus far. #digitulheaven


Whilst in Ocean City for the auto show, no matter where you were walking or driving- these amazing fighter jets …

Get down on the ground.

One road hugging AP2 just trolling in Ocean City. A great beach mobile. #Honda #S2000 #digitulheaven


Our buddy Raj intimidating the sensor. #digitulheaven

AWD converted to WANGAN

I hold my chalice up high to those that drive these super tuned cars in the cities with the worst …

Taco Night

Delicious, fresh, not too bad for your health. Win Win Win. #digitulheaven

The Matte Life

Bart’s E60 M5, covered in a rugged coat of plasti-dip. Believe me when I say the thing takes damage.