Philly in April

A quick road trip from my old home in the DMV to Philly in April, 2014. ¬†Good times with my …


Some tasty snacks at Dogfish Head Alehouse in Gaithersburg, MD during the Spring Meet. A freshly baked soft pretzel with …

Taco Night

Delicious, fresh, not too bad for your health. Win Win Win. #digitulheaven

Chop it up

Fresh food is always the best. And I wish I knew how to make more dishes because the preparation is …

Very Special Cognac XX

After a good night of hearding thousands of horsepower on the DMV speedways, we hangback & relax.

Smoked Turkey

From Fritz’ in Kansas City. Grew up with this, still tastes the same today. #love #food

The Mexican Torta

Pollo-Mex is the spot. Located in Colesville, MD and a real gem it is. The steak is marinated for days …

Man vs Katz

A snap of a snap of the hungriest person I know. Actually, that could be debated ;).

Katz (stacks)| deli in NY

Expensive everything. Sandwiches, drinks, & clothing. But, try the Pastrami. You won’t complain. 205 E Houston St New York, 10002 …

pink n yellow.

In no way is this a reference to the kid with blonde highlights. My title is just stating fact.