Time flies.  One day an elder is telling you what it was for them to be young and bam there you are.  That’s exactly how I feel about this site of mine….  I started this page 6+ years ago and have been on and off posting my work.  In that time I have seen so much & traveled to so many places yet I still fail to keep the uploads coming consistenly.  Before I did it to get myself out there and build a name.  Now, I want to do it just for me.  In that 6 years I’ve began looking at things even more adversely than I had in the start.  I want a place that houses thousands of hand picked images with stories behind them for years to come.  More so, I am looking to share this journey with everyone.  I take the photo for the image, the scene.  Not the substance of the photo.  Whether it’s a race prepped Mini or a plate of hand spun wings, now I want you to see it the way I do.  Welcome to the new Digitulheaven.