Now you’ve seen where we started, and now you have a glance at where it is we are at. The F13 ///M6 is the apart of the new, dangerous line of the BMW Motorsport family. As a retrospect, the original E24 M6 carried an inline 6 making a healthy 282 horses. The E63 M6 carried the wonderful (yes I’m biased) S85 naturally-aspirated V10 creating 507 horses under your right foot. Now, the youngest of the bunch is powered by a twin-turbo twinpower 4.4L V8 engine putting down 580hp. The latter does not seem like a mind-boggling jump in power as did the earlier models, but let me be the first to tell you that paper, and road are two different measurements. The new ///M6 is a rocket for lack of better words, and the fact that now the new turbo ///M cars are not only heavy in horsepower they are also heavy in torque. This added tq does not take away from corner exits, and the car still handles like a dream. The beautiful part is this, the 580 it comes with is amazing within it self, but add downpipes, exhaust, intake & a tune and you’ll have more than a 100hp to call your very own. Times have changed, and with that methods and ideologies have as well but BMWs main result is to create a brisk driving experience and this is exactly what they continue to do.