Was so unfortunate. I know that Piggy has been on here before via the frontal shot but I had to do it one more time. You don’t understand see. I took all day to win SOMETHING for my dear girl. She didn’t feel too well & came to the park for me. So I felt compelled if you will. Was quite the victory when I carried it over to her, I remember that smile. Then we carried it to the car & I did everything I could to make it fit in (as you see in the photo illustrated) & came to no avail. I then carried Piggy back towards the entrance of the park & saw a family coming out. The kids were ecstatic upon seeing the Piggy & I told their father I’d give it to him for the price I used to win it. Sad seeing it go, never won anything like that. But I got her to smile didn’t I? And most of all, Piggy is now being well taken care of by some deserving children. It was all worth it.